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The Eyes Aren’t What They Used To Be
Pyrifera - 8/11/2009 11:04 AM
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The Eyes Aren’t What They Used To BeI finally had to admit to myself that, despite my admiration for my Suunto D9, it is finally time to move on.

Not that it does anything wrong - the problem is with my 40+ year old eyes.

Kinda disconcerting to not be able to read the LCD of the device I use to not get injured or die so needed something with a bigger face and characters.

Will miss the nice, neat, small package that made the transition from under to above water so seamlessly but also relieved to be able to see water temp, remaining tank PSI, remaining time before Deco etc without contorting face and arm to get just the right angle and legth away from face to read the D9.

Replaced it with the new Suunto Vyper Air which uses the same wireless tank transmitter and logging software (but sadly not the same data cable - the D9 data cable is a work of art compared to the large, clumsy one for the Vyper Air - but the Air cable does work for my Suunto Mosquito too).

So, gave up the nice small all-in-one package for a nice not-so-small all-in-one package.