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Jellyfish "Invasion" in Monterey, CA
Pyrifera - 8/11/2009 12:53 AM
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Jellyfish "Invasion" in Monterey, CAWas down at Breakwater 2 weekends ago helping with a Stress & Rescue course and the water was TEAMING with Sea Nettle Jellyfish (Chrysaora fuscescens) and more than a few Egg Yoke Jellies too. Local newspapers are taking notice. Luckily Sea Nettle stings are more of an annoyance/distraction (especially when you get a face full) than a danger.

Quite interesting to play "dead" face down on the bottom waiting for a student to "recover" you only to be rolled over and have your BC inflated until the pop-off valve actuates and then rocket to the surface (luckily all of 15 feet away) right through a colony of (what felt like) hundreds of them. Needless to say I miraculously "revived" on the way up and got an arm out in front of my face to brush them away while venting air furiously from my BC. Student was reminded to orally inflate BC just until neutral buoyancy is achieved so that victim and rescuer can have ascent controlled by rescuer’s BC.

Saw more than a few that were dying as they had their "bells" and tentacles apparently ripped away by wave action or eaten but they still pulse a little and move about. Kinda sad really.

Also was surprised to see more than a few of the larger mature jellies actively hunting along the sea floor by inserting larger tentacles down into holes on the bottom (usually home to various types of Tube Worms) trying to snag an easy meal.

I should have taken pictures but needed to be focusing on the students ;-)

Beautiful and interesting creatures.