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San Carlos Oct 11-14 2007
ScubaJedi - 10/17/2007 10:48 AM
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Category: Travel
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I went to San Carlos for a dive trip through my local shop, Scuba Specialties. I was stressing as I was bringing a bunch a new students with me who had never been on a diving trip and were working toward their open water certification. I was there for my advanced open water cert. I had organized the class with my singles activity club and got a pretty good response. Everyone was nervous but they all did well despite the conditions at a couple of the dive sites. The first day of diving didn`t happen until 2 in the afternoon. For some reason, the Mexican government took our boat in the morning and so we had all day to wait. By then we couldn`t make it to any of the really good dive sites, we stayed local. The water was fantastically murky. I was wondering if we were actually in the Sea of Cortez or in Loch Ness. My first dive was the navigation dive and I did fine on that. The cloudy water made it more challenging and so it was actually a good thing. I was a little anxious so after that exercise, I went back to the boat. The second dive site was even worse, and getting worse than that as the sun was setting. We were to go to the bottom, map out a quad and describe what we saw. I was going to go with two others to do this. Well, it was so murky there was no way to see anything. We started down and I was at about 25` and could see nothing. I looked around for my dive buddies and they were nowhere to be found. I wondered if I just couldn`t see them or if they were still up top. I looked down to see if I could see bottom and it was just complete blackness. i was a little unnerved by this and so I looked back up and there my dive buddies were still dangling around 10ft. I went back up to see what the matter was and they were not happy about the conditions. I was ready to complete the dive, but it didn`t look like they were. I signaled to them if they wanted to surface but got no response, I didn`t know what was going on. We ended up surfacing and decided to abort the dive. The next day we went to San Pedro Nolasco, a small rock of an island about an hour away from San Carlos. It was much nicer. Very clear and bright. We completed our dives and got our advanced certification. I am going back Nov 9-12.


Montanaman - 10/17/2007 2:18 PM
But did you have fun?