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New ScubaPro Aladin Matrix computer ~ questions
BenDavid - 9/14/2017 9:14 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 2

I already had a ScubaPro Aladin Sport wrist computer and this week I bought the Aladin Matrix console. I assumed they would be very similar since same manufacturer and same algorithm etc.

I don’t like the new Matrix at all. I wore both to compare, as I was gonna keep the wrist model for a backup.

One thing I don’t like, the digital compass is all over the place. Kneeling on the bottom, still, my magnetic wrist compass points South. The digital one points N,S,E,E,W,S,N, constantly changing. There’s no way in heck I could navigate by it. Is this normal? I calibrated it according to ScubaPro’s instructions. But that shouldn’t matter. Even if it was "off" and pointing East when I was facing South, it at least ought to be consistently wrong and always point East! I wasn’t turning in a circle, so why was ScubaPro’s compass moving in a 280 degree "sweep" like a radar screen?

Second complaint, the Matrix gives me a depth reading 7 feet shallower than the Sport. I know the sport is at least pretty close because when the Sport tells me I’m at 3 feet, I can look up and see the surface of the water. So when I’m at 20 feet, the Matrix tells me I’m at 13 feet. Now I knew they wouldn’t be exactly the same, I expected a foot or two variance, but 7~9 feet? Is that normal? And how does this affect my nitrogen levels when my computer is calculating my residual nitrogen at a 7-foot-shallower rate?

So the Matrix stops the clock (ends the dive) and goes to surface mode at 10 feet depth. It thinks I’m at the surface. WHY? If this is intentional by design, what’s the benefit? My wrist Sport ends the dive at 3 feet.

So here’s the problem...Today I was diving the rock jetty collecting jigs and lures lost by the fishermen. A lot of my time was spend in 8~10 foot water. Since the Matrix is 7 feet shallow, and turns off at 10 feet, at the end of the day my console (new) computer Aladin Matrix shows me I did THREE dives. First dive 31 feet for 16 minutes, second dive 23 feet for 40 minutes, third dive 15 feet for 30 minutes of a total of 86 minutes bottom time.

Now the Aladin sport (old wrist) tells me I did TWO dives....First dive 31 feet for 15 minutes, and second dive for 31 feet for 86 minutes for a total of 101 minutes bottom time.

Why such a big difference. Well, I know "why", because the Aladin Matrix (new) is stopping the dive timer at 10 feet and it’s calculating my depth 7 feet shallower than it actually is. So if I spend 10 minutes at 10 feet collecting jigs, that cuts my dive 10 minutes short on the new computer.

The way I was taught, PADI says if you dive to 10 feet for 30 minutes, then that’s a 30 minute dive. According to ScubaPro’s Aladin Matrix, that dive never existed.

Next complaint, and question, the altitude....When I;m floating on the surface at Radio Island, the Matrix shows an altitude of -50 feet. At home in my living room it shows and altitude of -30 feet. At radio Island in 25 feet of water it shows an altitude of -250 feet. ??????? Unless I have it all wrong, when I’m floating on the surface on the ocean, my altimeter should read zero. NOAH tells me where I live is 20 feet above
sea level, so my altitude should read +20 in my living room, not -30. And if I’m 21 feet under the surface, I would think my altimeter would read -21, not -250. Is there something I’m missing here or is this some defect? Does anyone else have the ScubaPro Aladin Matrix and do you have the same issues?

101 minute dive VS an 86 minute dive is a lot of difference, and I’m sure it’s because the matrix is ending the dive and stopping the clock when I’m at 10 feet depth. At first I thought it was some "built in safety factor" but then it dawned on me that if that was the case, it would show my depth 7 feet DEEPER than actual, not 7 feet shallower.

As far as I can tell from the manual, there is no way to adjust the point at when the computer ends the dive, and no way (for the user to ) to adjust the depth gauge. The chick at the shop, who was pretty "I don’t have a clue" suggested since one computer was a year older maybe it used a different algorithm. The problem I see with that answer is algorithm shouldn’t affect a depth gauge. 50 feet is 50 feet whether it’s the year 2017 or the year 1917.

Since it’s now "used" I’m pretty sure the shop wouldn’t take it back, and ScubaPro’s tech support system is "See your dealer".

Now I’m ready for answers, suggestions, comments and theories. :)
BenDavid - 2 days 2 hours ago.
Thanks for the replies. Dealer also thought 7 feet was a little much. He’s gonna send it in to SP and let them check it out.

I did try adjusting the altitude CJ, but every time the computer shuts itself off, it doesn’t save that setting. Yesterday at the dive shop, on dry land, at the waterfront, it read -300 feet and then within about 7 seconds changed to -350 feet and the sales lady was standing in the same spot. LOL

Both the Matrix and the Sport work similarly to your Oceanic. When the contacts get wet, the computer comes on, but it doesn’t start the dive until I reach a depth of 3 feet. So if I’m standing in chest deep water with students, and my arms are in the water, the computer powers on, but it isn’t logging that time as a "dive". Once I get below 3 feet, the dive timer starts. So I don’t think the problem is wet contacts.

I can set the attitude to zero, but there’s no way for the user to calibrate the depth gauge. That has to be done by SP.

Maybe when I get it back it will be right.