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Grand Cayman July 22nd to 29th
FtMyersTom - 7/01/2017 7:27 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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Due to unforeseen circumstances we are not going to Bonaire in July BUT back to Grand Cayman. We are staying at sunshine suites, II timeshare again. Will have a car.
mammothbuck - 7/10/2017 5:03 PM
How many people are going? What’s open? Cost?
I’m availavle
FtMyersTom - 7/11/2017 7:51 AM
It’s only my wife and I on any trip I post. These aren’t group trips. We get places to stay on our timeshare so any lodging is up to each person interested. I post to see if any other couple or individual will be there or interested in creating their own trip. If someone is interested in going and staying where we do they need to check on cost. Our cost is much lower due to having a timeshare. We usually get a car so we have transportation. We don’t want to be beholding to anyone else’s trip and not do what they want when they want. So the way we set this up is if you are there and want a dive buddy we can dive together. My wife doesn’t dive but she is an avid snorkeler that now is evolving into a weighted free diver that is always ready for a buddy too.

A single girl joined us in Bonaire and I joined a group of guys in Freeport GBI. Both times it worked out just fine. I usually post very early so interested people have time to plan a trip. If you have further interest feel free to let me know by email
TalleyHo - 3/13/2018 6:32 PM
Me and my son(15) might be there for part of that. I’m looking to do some shore diving to protect the pocketbook a bit. TBD on actual dates and locations, but we hope to stay along/near 7 mile beach.

I typically dive w/ people WAY more qualified than I am, so having someone who is familiar w/ the area would be a great benefit for me.

How do you handle tanks/weights? Rent from a local dive shop?

The girls in the family don’t dive either - but I’m sure they would be up for some snorkeling.