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Computer dive log
Anonymous - 6/06/2017 1:17 AM
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I just downloaded the free "subsurface" dive log. I want to transfer all my logbook dives to my laptop. I was curious, when you go to a dive charter and you have to bring your dive log to prove you meet their requirements, does it not matter that there’s no signatures on the printout from subsurface? I suppose it’s no big deal because none of the dive shops I’ve ever chartered a ride on ever called up the buddy who signed my log and asked him if we really did that dive that day back in 2012. I just don’t want to go to all the hassle of entering in a decades worth of dives and then find out it’s all worthless and I wasted my time.

Anonymous - 6/06/2017 7:42 AM
I’ve been diving over 40 years and only once has a shop asked to see the log and even then when they saw how thick it was they didn’t even look inside. They will ask when was your last dive

The main use of that log and mine has been on a computer for the last 20 years is entertainment on cold winter evenings and looking up what weight did I wear with this wetsuit and that tank.

Since I carry a laptop for photo editing anyhow keeping the divelog on it too makes more sense than carrying a looseleaf book that I printed out the pages on anyhow.
Anonymous - 6/06/2017 11:03 AM
I use my IPAD with dive program Divelog 6.0. The dives are downloaded directly from my computer Oceanic Veo 180 NX to my laptop when I get home then synced to IPAD. The program is very good but not free and you have to buy the cable for PC. But I fly a lot and carrying a heavy log book is no longer cost effective since I try to only check in 1 suitcase and carry on my dive equipment. I take a few paper log sheets to fill out and put in my hard copy log book when I get home. I don’t get signatures but I like dive shop stamps. I haven’t come across a dive shop yet that wanted my hard copy as apposed to my IPAD log. Some dive shops here in the keys want to see your log for deep wreck dives. The IPAD dives are downloaded directly from my computer and fills in data the computer gathers plus dive profile.

I use 2 log programs in case 1 fails and you can use both offline once data is entered. There is a free diveboard app for IPAD or you can use the web based link. I exported my divinglog 6.0 log with DAN DL7
file and it uploaded automatically to the diveboard log. You can upload your c-cards to both but I do take those to be safe and keep them in my passport case. You can use a laptop for both but IPAD is smallest and it looks like airlines may ban laptops. My wife has her own IPAD so I have it all on both.
Anonymous - 6/06/2017 9:28 PM
I’m currently working on my own online dive app that is responsive so it’s mobile friendly. I have a csv option built into the app so I can download it to excel and do pivot tables with the data if I want. Most of my diving has internet service and if it doesn’t I’ll hand write and add it later. I’m not going to add my other dives to it but I did add the ability to set a start dive number and hours for dives in other logs such as here on DB. Without logs being standardized and impossible to prove make sure you have your card and know the last five dives you did.
Anonymous - 6/07/2017 3:47 PM
Some resorts ( sandals in particular want a stamp log ) some will just look at your computer.
Sandals will ask you to do a check out dive if you don’t have a dive in six months.

IMHO best to get as many stamps as you can so that you can prove some level of experience.

Lots of people here have been divemasters or have been diving for many years so they have a different opinion.

Most operations will give you the hairy eyeball on your first dive regardless, until they figure out your not an idiot.

some just take the money.
Anonymous - 6/07/2017 4:33 PM
I have not associated many dives with sites on DB but all dive sites are listed on the line for dive site/location. Also my dive number goes from 1 to 10 then 10 is repeated for the rest. The divelog 6 exported the csv file but when I tried to upload it I got an error and it stopped. I got rid of all the mile long numbers the file created and renamed it simply .csv and it worked. I’m no PC wiz just have some basic self taught skills...with lots of mistakes over the years. I only have used the DAN DL7 and it worked well on other applications.
Anonymous - 6/07/2017 4:51 PM
I think I figured out the "number of dive" thing, they now show all 1
Anonymous - 6/08/2017 11:00 AM
I think I figured out the "number of dive" thing, they now show all 1

The number of dives is not the same as dive number. DB dive logs allow you to log multiple dives in one log. So if you dive twice in a day, you can log it once and simply change the number of dives and total dive time.
Anonymous - 6/08/2017 7:30 PM
Yep got it...thanks! I’m working on the log and it’s taking time because I have to associate each dive with scuba earth.

As for "Sandals will ask you to do a check out dive if you don’t have a dive in six months"

That’s why my log has the Vandenberg 7x and Spiegel Grove 10x. Keep up the deep dives, benefit of living in SW Florida. I have never stayed at Sandals type resort and I’m sure they are protective of there liability and deal with a lot of holiday type divers. Most dive shops that I have used require a 80ft+ dive in the last year. Most do check log book but I never had one question why I didn’t have a signature nor a dive buddy listed. I have a knew one most every dive.

I do like the IOS app or PC software type now. Makes it easy and provides more info downloaded from he computer that you don’t have to manually look for. Fortunately since I only started diving Dec 09 and I only logged 6 dives before I bought a computer. Manual entering them was no problem. No matter now that I’m retired, I have plenty of time to fill.