2017 June/July trips booked update...Grand Cayman added
FtMyersTom - 2/16/2017 7:48 PM
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2017 trips booked update...ATM it’s just me and my snorkeling wife. If you are a single lady diver no problem. We had a great time with a lady from divebuddy.com/ last June in Bonaire...right Nina ;-)

Grand Caymanian June 10 to 17 1st trip to Grand Cayman, dive USS Kittiwake divetech.com/uss-kittiwake

Embarc Zihuatanejo Mexico July 1 to 8 1st dive trip to the Pacific! Diving with divezihuatanejo.com

Divi Flamingo Bonaire July 15 to 22 will try to do a dive with CRF Bonaire crfbonaire.org/

Possible keys trip for tune up april/may...more on that later.