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The end of the Superior Producer wreck dive in Curacao
FtMyersTom - 1/04/2017 6:05 PM
Category: General
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I have learned that in a few months the opportunity to dive the Superior Producer will come to an end. The mega pier for cruise ships will be expanded and the entire area will be off limits. As it is now there are very few days that a cruise ship is not docked there this time of year and you are permitted to dive the SP. This means when the port is clear of these floating behemoth tourist traps every diver on this end of the island that wants to dive her is there. Since there is only 1 difficult entry point, and the wreck is only 200ft long, it makes for a crowded shore entry point and a lot of divers getting in each other’s way on the wreck.

With those issues, plus normally rough seas and moderate current at depth, it wasn’t the best wreck dive I have done. But no matter it was my 1st and last opportunity to get her logged and not much time left for anyone else that wants to dive the Superior Producer in Willemstad Curacao.