Coral Restoration Foundation $2.1ml grant from NOAA
FtMyersTom - 12/03/2016 11:08 AM
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The Coral Restoration Foundation has hit the big times! Congratulations to founder and president Ken Nedimyer for the $2.1ml grant from NOAA! A lot of hard work to help restore our reefs has been put in by Ken, his team and volunteer divers. It is amazing to see how fast the planted corals grow. This past summer I seen some of the staghorn that was planted only a couple of years ago on Alligator reef off Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

I will be back in Curacao for 2 weeks end of December and will have the great pleasure of doing my 1st dive with the Curacao Coral Restoration team. If you are planning a trip to the Florida Keys, Curacao or Bonaire stop in and say hello. Or simply follow the links to contribute to this great cause, either way they will be happy to get you involved.

I forgot to add a point so I edited original post, the $2.1 million grant will be distributed over 3 years and will be matched dollar for dollar by Coral Restoration Foundation. So they will get over 4ml!!!

coralrestoration.org/restoring-reefs/ (news of grant)
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