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How to describe to potential Divebuddy members
PastorG - 7/09/2012 6:56 AM
Category: Survey
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Our Divebuddy group is meeting and diving at some location with our Divebuddy banner flying and it happens. Someone walks over and inquires, "What’s" I’ve tried several versions of short explanations but thought I’d get your input too.
oceanfloor - 7/27/2012 8:29 PM
[Choose #1] Met some great dive buddies here & went on to become friends
Scuba-Smurf - 7/17/2012 9:39 AM
[Choose #3] and 1 :oD
ProDive - 7/14/2012 3:13 PM
[Choose #1] we give a free dive to all ladies on our buddy list , and 25% off for all the guys for being on Dive because in our book it’s just the best for Divers to meet other great Divers !
FritzMoore - 7/12/2012 4:46 AM
[Choose #1] The official version is perfect...loving this site so far!
Eve - 7/10/2012 5:58 PM
[Choose #1] It is a great place to meet divers that may be in your area, and a place to meet new diveres that share your interest.
Rich-D-Fish - 7/10/2012 1:28 PM
[Choose #1] Best kept secret for any new diver to find new divebuddies in their local area.
badintexas - 7/10/2012 12:11 PM
[Choose #3] LOL.. Great survey George! And I’m sure it will be helpful to others! PS, I just picked 3 because it’s funny.
Greg - 7/09/2012 7:37 AM
[Choose #1] It’s a social community for scuba divers with information on dive sites, articles about diving, upcoming scuba events and a great forum to discuss everything from farting in a wet suit to finding a dive buddy for an upcoming trip.
Airworks - 7/09/2012 6:59 AM
[Choose #5] A social network to connect with others about all things SCUBA