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Kat from Hemet CA | Scuba Diver

Hello..... I am very new to Scuba Diving and most of my experience has come from diving in Aruba. I am looking to meet someone who lives close to me or in San Diego Or LA who is experienced at Scuba Diving and can teach me new things and to go diving with. The only Equipment i own is a Mask so i am also looking to get advice from a new diving buddy on what equipment i need to purchase and the cheapest way to do it.

I am also looking to learn about other areas of diving such as Night Dives, Wreck Dives, Under Water Photography, Identifying Sea Life that is dangerous, and maybe other areas when i have more diving experience.

Currently I am at dive number 7. Most of my dive were done in the Caribbean at Aruba and did not require a wet suit because the water was very Warm : )


LatitudeAdjustment - 10/06/2011 2:21 PM

 You’re welcome, that parrotfish I said was red or stoplight is the latter. After I posted I went to to check, in the galleries they have three pages of Caribbean fish.

 Take care, Ray
zielit - 10/06/2011 9:11 AM

Diving is great, isn’t it. If you really wan’t to identify dangerous marine life avoid the one with pointy dorsal fin and big teeth. But seriously rule of thumb, if something looks dangerous down there it most likely is dangerous.

Secondly if you like to have fun while learning about marine life at home I recommend Endless Ocean: Blue World game on Wii. By far it is not a dive simulation game (no safety stops here :) ) but they have pretty extensive marine life encyclopedia which you fill out by discovering species under water.
Horizontaldiversllc - 10/05/2011 6:54 PM
welcome to the underwater world . i would recomend finding somewhere (local dive shop) to rent equipment for a year or so try different stuff that way you know what you like and don’t like