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Beach Cart For Moving Dive Gear - Maui during X-Mas
SchlackerRat - 4/28/2009 4:13 PM
Category: Travel
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I posted this previously......

I’m giving my kids a X-Mas present (Scuba Diving Vacation) to Maui this comming season. We leave at 1:30AM on Dec. 25th. I’m planning on telling them, we’re going to midnight mass, but really take them to the airport instead.

Two years ago I got them certified as a X-Mas present. They did their course work intown here, and their open water portion on a vacation to the Florida Keys in late February. We had a great time! But, I learned something about the keys. You almost have to get in a boat to do any diving there. One of my kids, and myself, got alittle sick during the boat ride, but was fine while diving. Afterwords, I wish I would of found a place that was more "shore diving" for a vacation spot. That is why I chose Maui for this vacation.

I have two girls, age 12 and 14. We will be staying in Kihei for 17 nights, and doing alot of shore diving. I found some great information online for some locations, mostly using this link:

Does anyone have stuff they can share with me about Maui?

I would be interested in hooking up with another family (with kids), wanting to do the same thing, any takers?

Another Question??????

I’m thinking that I would like to have a "Beach Cart", to help move all of our gear from and to the rental car. Does anyone know of a location on Maui where I could rent some kind of "Beach Cart"?

I’ve been surfing the web for one, and found this (which I really like).

I might just bye it, but it is kinda expensive.

seawolfdiving - 4/28/2009 4:58 PM

I had a "cart" once. It comes in quite handy, especially at the beach or at local quarries and lakes where the parking lots are gravel. What I did was I got one of those "airport" folding luggage carts, then I went to the local farm store and purchased bigger wheels and put them on the cart so that it ran better over the gravel.

I used this to tote my steel doubles around for quite a while.
Rich-D-Fish - 4/28/2009 8:47 PM

I do a lot of shore diving, and for those long hikes I’ve tried everything from a wagon to a hand truck to my trusty used baby jogging stroller. Tank goes where the baby does, fins and weights on either side of the tank on the seat, mask, fins, gloves, lights, camera, etc. fit in the basket on the bottom. Hand breaks work great if you are going down a slope. Big tires work on almost any terrain. And the airlines should let you check the stoller as baggage without question. They fold up nicely. I got mine at a used baby store for only $55. Bring a bike lock so you don’t lose it. You can see a photo in the "photos" section, or in my photos. The insert photo option did not work.
obxdiver - 4/30/2009 9:41 PM

Hi sounds great.

I was in kihei 2 or 3 weeks every winter for years my dive buddie from jersey moved there and i realy enjoyed alot of beach diving you don’t need to do a boat at all unless you want to dive lanai or molikini crater. The last time I was there was 2004 my buddy passed away so I’ve been going other places. 

Some of my favorite dives are 5 caves, molikini,and Blackrocks (especially at nite). The dates you’re there you will hear whales singing all the time as soon as you put your head in the water.

Maui dive shop gives away a good pamphlet of the dive spots you will see them as soon as you enter kihie.

I really enjoyed snorkelling off of kalama park 3 right in front of kamali sands condo’s in kihie. I got a picture of a frogfish and always saw octopus there. Always lots of cool fish there too. Dive as early as you can because vis goes down later in the morning because the winds pick up and churn it up.

Hope you have a ball. Dennis


hschale - 5/03/2009 12:24 AM

I found an advertisment card at my local dive store. This cart seems to be made for all our shore diving needs. I have not found a price or a dealer that sells them yet, but I am going to buy two when I do. I think it’s perfect

SchlackerRat - 5/04/2009 12:49 AM


That is a very nice cart! I like it.
patricio - 4/26/2011 9:38 PM
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SchlackerRat - 4/26/2011 10:55 PM
Thanks for the information!