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OW Update
MisterEd - 2/06/2021 6:38 PM
Category: Training
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I started training for OWC, but stopped before completion. Gallbladder surgery in August and 9 teeth extraction including 3 posts implanted in front.

I am 66 years old, after both surgeries I experienced muscle loss in my arms and legs and I was tired all of the time. For older people muscle loss is called sarcopenia.

I began muscle recovery treatment using DHEA, combination of vitamins & herbs to increase testosterone for muscle growth and repair, high protein oatmeal and protein powdered drink.

Right away I noticed an increase in strength and stamina on day one taking DHEA. I’m sharing this as an intro to resume OWC training mid-May.

I believe in myself to do what is necessary to complete and pass Open Water Standards for certification.
Eric_R - 2/07/2021 7:47 AM
I hope you have continued healing and success at diving.