Central Florida trips to the keys inc, lobster dives and fishing
euroconec - 10/20/2018 11:56 AM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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Have boat and gear. I am seeking a dive buddy who is certified, has their own dive gear + is financially secure. Dives are to target lobster. Spear fishing and off shore fishing is also possible.

I like to tow down too the keys one to two times a month and dive two days in a row.
I like to stay in a real nice 2 bedroom with full kitchen that includes boat storage, dock costs extra.
During the slow season (right now) the vacation rental costs apx $400 for 3 nights.
Fuel for the boat and tow also runs around $400.

Your 1/2 for a 3 night 2 day dive trip is around $400.
You are also responsible for all your own food and drink.

If you have to work, your schedule needs to be flexible as most trips are decided last minuet.
This is weather dependent and mid week is best.

To go on this trip we need to get to know each other first.