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Plenty of app’s for tides but what about current? (Florida)
euroconec - 10/03/2018 3:03 PM
Category: Equipment
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Having navigated the inlets + fished the bridges and channels of Florida for a few years now, the main issue is always current speed, direction and most of all slack time. This is going to be a lot more important when diving these same locations in the near future.
I have tide charts and app’s that show high tide etc but the fact of the matter is that the high tide or low tide does not match slack tide at these locations. In fact it can be as much as 3 hours off at some locations.
Has anyone found a smart phone app or other web location that works to accurately predict current speed and slack duration’s at these pinch points?

Found this on line to predict slack tides from home:

My android app: "tides near me" will predict ebb and slack times on one location as long as it is the closest to me.

Maybe you have something better to plan a future dive?

Thank you for any info.