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White Star Quarry
Anonymous - 7/08/2018 6:24 PM
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Has any one heard that a professional Diver (Instructor, Dive Master, Dive Control Specialist) can Solo Dive at the quarry even if they don’t have a Solo Card?
Anonymous - 7/26/2018 6:36 AM
When you think about it, just about any dive an instructor does with students is a solo dive.

So you are an instructor and let’s say you have 6 students on OW dive 1. Perfectly fine, right?
Which one of those 6 students will be able to assist that instructor in any way if there is a problem.

It’s a solo dive.

As for the quarry: they appear risk averse so i’m sure you will never get them to admit to this policy. Sometimes a good way to reduce liability is not monitor what people do TOO closely when they hit the water.
Anonymous - 7/30/2018 6:36 AM
Nice way to put it. Thanks! Dive Safe, Dive Often.
Anonymous - 8/03/2018 8:01 PM
Does white star quarry check thurily if your solo diving ?
Anonymous - 8/09/2018 6:36 AM
If the officials see what they think a solo diver going in the water, they wait for that diver to get out, and nab them at that point. Almost a sting operation. Why not question the diver before they commit an error and have to pay a large fine?
Anonymous - 3/01/2020 9:27 PM
Do all of the dive sites in Ohio have fun police?

Nothing but complaints about Gilboa. I get grief about that place, all the way down in Tortola, Roatan, and Coz, every time someone sees my location on a waiver form.

Say it ain’t so.

If you need a buddy towards the end of summer or august, I should be game for either of those. Going to see if Deep Six can do my Advance OW at Gilboa about then.