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Buddy Wanted for Gilboa or White Star Quarry in Ohio June 6th or 7th
WaxenApple - 6/01/2017 3:49 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
Replies: 2

I’m looking for someone to dive with on June 6th or 7th or really any other Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I’d like to dive Gilboa or White Star but am open to any other spots within driving distance of the Cleveland area. Just message me on here and let me know if you’re interested!

I recently got certified and have done dives in North and South Florida and Lake Michigan (and some quarry dives too). I’d really like to get some experience with my drysuit and am happy to practice skills or just swim around.
McHooligan - 6/16/2017 3:06 PM
Didn’t see this until now. I was thinking to head to White Star to shake down new equipment and have a fun dive or two on the 24th if you are interested. And again on the 1st with family.

chris6462 - 6/27/2017 4:39 PM
Not sure how far away it will be for you but I dive Dutch Springs Quarry in Bethlehem, PA. I work 24 hours on and 72 hours off so I can dive during the week. Let me know if you would like to dive there.