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Swim Test Training Question?
ICONdiver - 1/26/2017 12:25 AM
Category: Training
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Anyone know of any instructors who require the demonstration of four different strokes during their swim tests (crawl, breast, back etc.)?
LatitudeAdjustment - 1/26/2017 8:59 AM
There is a swim test for PADI OW but when my wife took it it was her choice which stroke she wanted to do to cover the distance.

I took it in 71 before the course was broken up into OW, AOW, wreck, nav, deep, rescue, firstaid, CPR marine ID and all of the others courses that would now make up Master Diver. Besides the different strokes there was a long drown proofing test. I’m not sure if that is still included.
FtMyersTom - 1/26/2017 11:49 AM
My OW instructor did pool work at his house in his pool in Pompano Beach Florida. We had to swim 100yrds
with 4 different strokes. I agree with this initial training exercise to demonstrate you know how to swim and can swim that far before beginning scuba training.
ram04769 - 1/26/2017 5:37 PM
When I did my swim portion of my OW course, my instructor had me do my 100 yard swim using any technique I wanted.
JonnieU - 1/26/2017 11:02 PM
Never saw a program that required the four different strokes.
FtMyersTom - 1/27/2017 10:57 AM
I wouldn’t go so far as to call my instructor a "nazi scuba instructor" that’s a bit harsh. I on the other hand have always been in peak physical condition and a little "cocky". I believe I asked him if he wanted me to do it in all strokes. Back in the 70’s I was a state rated swimmer in high school. I’m 61 and probably could do it now, albeit a little slower. I could have done a 100 of each in 73. Unprovoked I’m sure he would have asked for the standard qualifying swim. I still train now, old habits die hard, and swim 3 to 5 days a week and in the gym 3. Never hurts to be in shape when it comes to getting older ;)

I just did a 100yrd swim in 3ft seas against a moderate current on the Superior Producer shore dive to get back to entry point in Curacao. Any of you found yourself in that situation on that dive will understand. I was sure glad I still had it in me and my swimming ability at my age sure paid off.
ICONdiver - 1/27/2017 7:38 PM
Thanks for all the comments folks! This wasn’t meant to be an instructor bashing post. As both a PADI and NAUI Instructor I was simply wanting to know if any instructors required standards beyond the minimum. PADI frowns upon this while NAUI says you can teach beyond the minimum standards as long as it is safe and correct.
FtMyersTom - 1/28/2017 12:23 AM
If any instructor, or student, feels training can go beyond the minimum standards then by all means go for it. Of course this would be between both parties and with utmost safety. There was only 2 in my OW class and both of us were very equal in ability and advanced very easily and quickly. With our okay the instructor did a bit more. For example our last dive for certification we went to 80ft on a wreck and did a swim through. I used the same dive shop for AOW but a different instructor. They both worked there a long time and knew each other. The other student moved on and when I came back my OW instructor passed on info to my AOW instructor. I think they conspired to drowned me. Anyway we were 1 on 1 and she really put me to the test. I enjoyed the challenge and it made me a better diver right out of the gate. My confidence was high and I have enjoyed compliments from many dive masters ever since.

I also don’t think it matters what agency, it should be between instructor and student. An instructor should guard against being too rigid and just run through the basics. With a sport that demands good training skill levels should be scrutinized as soon as you jump in the pool.
SanctumDive - 5/25/2019 2:14 AM
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