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Motion Sickness and diving
divegirlca - 7/10/2008 11:15 PM
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I suffer from major motion sickness and have had a lot of tests that show no abnormalities. I have had this since I was 3 (from what I have been told) lol. In case there are other sufferers out there, I wanted to share what I use to combat it and I would like to hear what others use.

I use the pill form of the scopalamine is more time-released and works wonders (not many physicians even know about this) I also use Meclizine and the wrist bracelets...and lots of ginger-ale and pretzels....lmao. Whatever gets me through my vacation!

Greg - 7/11/2008 12:39 PM

I drink plenty of water before and on the boat and if I start to feel sick, I eat something and intentionally make my self chum the water...I feel better after that. I also make sure to not sit or lay down too much and I watch the horizon (or fixed objects) as much as possible. If you lay down or watch the boat or waves, you’ll get sick. At least I do.
two4diving - 7/11/2008 1:37 PM
I use a Quease Ease inhaler. Also focus on the horizon and wish it away, mind over matter practice helps control it.
seawolfdiving - 7/11/2008 5:34 PM

I use the Less-Drowsy Dramamine. I take it "before" I get on to the boat. I also avoid coffee just prior to boating.

Before taking any medicine for motion sickness you should check with your doctor. Even if it is an OTC medicine. Also, if it makes you drowsy, it’s probably not a good idea to take it while diving.

KTees - 7/12/2008 6:38 AM
I actually used Bonine instead of Dramamine and it worked perfectly. If you take it one hour before heading out on the boat, it should do the trick! I have heard from others that Dramamine didn’t work for them, but this one did, so maybe it’s a good over-the-counter alternative.
mukashi - 7/12/2008 10:22 AM
I recently got sick on the dive boat for the first time. It was during a night dive. We were 18 miles off the coast with no ambient light from the coast, there was no moon, and it was lightly overcast. It was as dark as dark gets. So there was no horizon to watch and the water got a little more rough at the end of 2 dives. I did what Greg suggested and fed the feeling. Once I chummed the water, I felt fine. My local dive shop recommends taking Bonie the night before and then about an hour before the trip begins. I might try that next night dive. Dive Safe!! 
scubagirl38 - 7/12/2008 6:16 PM

Thanks for the tips


yukacaver - 7/13/2008 2:01 AM

once i saw the most gross but effective way to cut the seasickness. Bite ginseng. This diver told me I esed every pill and remedy in the market and so far chewing gingseng is the only thing helps. I don’t know if this can help you.

divegirlca - 7/13/2008 10:17 AM
Thanks everyone. I have tried all of the remedies, as I have been suffering with this for many years. It is not just boats for me though. Unfortunately, after I feed the fish, I am done... don’t know why, it just is.
Kat3rina - 6/17/2019 10:42 AM
Stumbled upon this old thread and just happened to read this article online -

I hope you have found a way to beat it.