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Calendar of Events (RSS feed) for DiveBuddy
Greg - 7/09/2008 6:24 PM
Category: Web Site Help
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I just updated the calendar of events rss feed. It now shows events, training classes AND dive trips posted by members. 3 months worth of events are shown in the rss feed.

If you don’t know what rss is, it stands for real simple syndication. It’s a cool way to distribute and share informaiton via the web to applications that read rss feeds.

When an rss feed is available on a page, look for the orange icon with a white dot and two curves in your browser tool bar. The icon is usually next to your home and print icons. When that icon turns orange, it means the web page you’re viewing has an rss feed that you can subscribe to or view. Simply click the orange icon to see the rss feed.

In my calendar of events rss feed, I have added some cool tricks. You can filter the content based on member id, city, state or country code. For example, if I only wanted to see my events/dive trips in that feed, I would use the following url:

1 is my member id on Replace that number with your own member id to see your events/dive trips in the rss feed. You can also add multiple member id’s separated with a semicolon like this:;234;73

This would show my events plus the events of member 234 (my mom) and member 73 (my wife).

You can also filter by city:;Dallas;Austin (not much diving happening in these cities :)

OR by state:;NC;WA;NY (that one’s a bit more active :)

OR by country (I use the ISO code for the country, ie: 840 = United States):

Find your countries ISO code here:

I hope you find an rss feed that works for you and subscribe to it. You will be sent automatic updates to your rss feed reader whenever a dive buddy member adds something to the calendar. Let me know if you have problems or questions.

Thanks, Greg