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Vintage Gear - What to do?
Carnealse - 2/28/2015 12:14 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 6

So my awesome Dad sent me everything he had from his diving days. In reality, I cannot use the gear to dive with and am not keeping it, while some I am keeping for nostalgic reasons because they are from him and easily displayed like an old dive flag.
What does one do with all this vintage gear?
I am talking from the old school US Divers deco tables in its pouch with instructions, to a clunky Scubapro auto deco forearm "computer" that is pretty much a huge gauge, to an old double hose second stage, to old depth gauge watch, and other such old school items.
Do folks collect these items or should I find the nearest can and file them there?
DiveBuddyChgo - 2/28/2015 1:36 PM
Keep the 1st, 2nd stage,LP hose and maybe the logbook. For nostalgic reasons frame them behind glass for on the wall in the man cave. It’ll make your Dad proud. After your dear Dad is gone. Give it another year and decide for yourself. But everything else that is rubber, neoprene, cloth, paper is up for the garbage today. Used AL80 scuba tanks are worth $17 med. grade alum. The brass is worth another $5. lb. Nothing last forever but the memories.
Eric_R - 3/01/2015 5:44 AM
I would keep as much as possible and display them as a tribute to your dad for getting you involved in diving. I would also see if you can find photos of your dad using the gear. Just because some of it is old school and not worth anything but scrap doesn’t mean dump it. Some of the rubber pieces will need a coat of some kind of rubber protection. Anything you don’t want to keep put up on ebay and let somebody else enjoy the vintage gear.
diverray - 3/01/2015 1:05 PM
Are there any diving museums that would like the gear? That would be a good way to honor your dad. This is an interesting subject, so let us know what you finally decide to do.
Carnealse - 3/01/2015 2:19 PM
My Dad isn’t gone just so you all know lol. He just doesn’t dive anymore.
He doesn’t have an pics diving unfortunately. That would have been cool.
I am keeping some like I said. Other stuff, I just don’t have the desire to keep. I didn’t know if there was a legitimate market for older gear to collectors, or what.
Thanks for all your thoughts on this.