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Ebay for cheap dive cameras
psjanssen - 8/01/2006 6:21 PM
Category: Photography
Replies: 5

You might want to try Ebay. Olympus sells housings for their cameras there on auction. I picked up a UW housing for $29 on an auction, and then got lucky enough to get the camera for that housing for $177. I`ve had awesome luck with the camera. Doesn`t do great in low light limited viz situations but otherwise takes great pics for the price, and will go down to 130`. Check out my webshots under sjanssen35 I post all my dive pics up there!
Greg - 8/01/2006 7:29 PM
Where should I look to see your pics? I don`t see a user on divebuddy with the name "sjanssen35". Thanks!
psjanssen - 8/01/2006 8:04 PM
Here`s the exact url just go to that site and I post all my new dive pics up there.
PapaBear - 8/14/2006 9:23 PM
A good photograher can use cheap equipment to produce a good picture and the opposit is not true. That being said you get what you pay for. Cheap camera for a non-pro means pictures that only polite people will look at once! You already have an investment in equipment and the activity now is not the time to skimp.
Dorkfish - 3/22/2007 3:05 AM
PapaBear has that one on the money! Even an amature photographer can take beautiful shots with inexpensive equipment.

I personally use a Canon Powershot A80 w/ Canon`s prescribed UW housing for my footage. I had to find out why my lake shots were so murky and green. It`s a simple fix if it`s a digital camera.

My blog for UW photo tips gives you some good info on just this type of issue:

I noticed that some of the pics on your site had a green tint to them (I have the same issue in the lake). You simply need to adjust the manual hue settings for the conditions you are diving in. If you have a slate, you`ll learn to appreciate it that much more.

If you`re using Ebay gear on those shots, you`re doing quite well for inexpensive gear. Just takes learning how to fine tune the equipment to get what YOU want.
RAWalker - 11/10/2007 10:41 PM
I agree use E-bay to get a decent camera and housing cheap. Last April I purchased a factory refurbished Fuji F-700 for $90 including shipping. I also found the UW housing for it Fuji FX-700 for $100. So for $200 I got a high end compact digital still cam that has all the features you`ll need. I`ve added a pair of Pixtreme Slave strobes PX21 that come with a UW housing, tray, accesory kit and flex bar for $99 each.(These are identical to the Fantasea Nano) So for $400 I`ve got a serious UW digital outfit That I`d be willing to compare to any outfit twice the price regularly.