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New Survey Feature - Allow Public to Participate
Greg - 12/08/2012 12:06 PM
Category: Web Site Help
Replies: 2

Now when you create a survey on DiveBuddy, you can select an option that will allow the public to participate.

If this option is checked, members of DiveBuddy and anyone that visits your survey that is not logged in, will be able to answer the survey and provide comments. One issue to consider when enabling this option is the inability to effectively restrict a person from answering the survey multiple times. I have measures in place that attempt to identify the person and track their answer, but since the person is not required to log in, these measures can be overridden and it is possible that multiple answers from the same person could be provided.

If this option is un-checked, only members of DiveBuddy that are logged in will be able to participate in the survey.

The check box to enable/disable this feature is available on the Add Forum Topic page when you are creating a new survey.

"Allow the public to participate in this survey. Public responses will be displayed from an Anonymous user. If un-checked, only members of may participate."

You can also edit an existing survey to change this option.

Regular forum topics still require a DiveBuddy member to login to reply. This feature is only available in the Survey category.
LatitudeAdjustment - 12/08/2012 2:25 PM
Good thing you didn’t enable that when you asked what political party we belong to, one has been known to load the ballot box :)
Greg - 5/17/2013 10:06 AM
I just updated this feature so that the survey is no longer available to the public after 90 days. That way you have plenty of time to collect public responses, but the survey doesn’t stay out there for ever, open to anyone adding spam messages to it.

Any member of DiveBuddy can participate in the survey at anytime, even after the 90 day period.