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Nitediver - 11/24/2012 12:59 PM
Category: General
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Any statement made here is my own opinion and is not that of or anyone else for that matter. I’m just sayin’

Not sure if any of you made it to DEMA this year but I did. Stopped by the
PADI booth and had a discussion about Scuba Earth. I told them that the bottom
line was that I did not like it. PADI was full of excuses about still
being developed and all but their bottom line was that it was here to stay.
I asked the lady (name escapes me at the moment) why PADI did not listen
to beta testers (like me). She should have run for office, her answers were a sidestep of global proportions! Not very productive. Lots of conflicting
answers. Also asked why it is so slow compared to Facebook etc. not much help again.

I did go to a PADI social media seminar and while they
talked about Facebook, Tweeter and the rest they did not mention Scubaearth!
Not sure what that was about.

One final point there was a special seminar just for how to use SCUBA EARTH! Any media that requires a class to understand it and use it is not "user friendly" and in my humble opinion needs work.

Hope your Thanksgiving was great and safe.
Nitediver - 11/25/2012 8:44 AM
Seems a shame for sure! More important than that (to me) is the fact that they won’t listen to those that they want to use it.
Not willing to entertain suggestions about it. And the serious lack of content. Just badly done!
Nitediver - 11/25/2012 10:50 AM
Not a pay site unless you’re a shop. It was supposed to replace the old "non-professional" side of padi. A place which allowed for checking on persons shops and such that were PADI associated. It went away about 3 years ago. This new site was due to be up and running last Feb. A date missed by 6 months and patterened after scuba earth here and Facebook. It’s free for everyone as far as I know. Was only available to professionals until recently. Stay with Dive buddy and save the frustrations.
Greg - 11/26/2012 10:03 AM
I think I’ll also stay with DiveBuddy :) I’m not biased or anything, but DiveBuddy is more functional, faster, easy-to-use, has a forum, articles and calendar section (PADI’s site does not from what I can tell), and we have the most awesome divers on the site! Not to mention, you all have a direct link to the developer and can always ask questions and make suggestions...and ask anyone that has made a suggestion in the past...I listen! And most of the time I end up developing what you ask for.

Can non-pro divers edit PADI’s dive site section like you can on DiveBuddy?
Nitediver - 12/14/2012 7:11 AM
Just now over at the PADI site I clicked on the link for "Forgot Password" and I get a runtime error what’s up with that?
Greg - 12/14/2012 7:14 AM
From Nitediver: Just now over at the PADI site I clicked on the link for "Forgot Password" and I get a runtime error what’s up with that?...
If you ever experience errors on DiveBuddy let me know and I will fix asap. Can’t speak for PADI though.