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Camera Insurance
Scuba-Smurf - 7/05/2012 8:50 AM
Category: Photography
Replies: 5

Anyone know of an insurance company that will insure UW camera equipment (against flooding mainly)... Just incase :o/
I need a company that offers worldwide as I’m not in America...
hoofpick - 7/06/2012 8:05 AM
Who made the housing? they generally have insurance available through them. I am kind of surprised that the store you purchased your system didn’t offer you insurance. But generally it is the housing manufacture that will insure it.
Scuba-Smurf - 7/06/2012 9:46 AM
It’s an Olympus set up with Inon strobes. They did offer insurance... But against damage and loss on dry land, not including flooding.
Scuba-Smurf - 7/08/2012 8:26 AM
Thanks all,
I have looked at H20 but they only insure if you live in the US. Same for DEPP.
I’ll take a look at a few others and check the cost and small print as I was not aware of the complications of the insurance... Thanks for the heads up oceanbound!