oceanbound - 7/07/2012 6:40 PM
From experience, I no longer have camera/equipment insurance. My reason: Cost I was paying about $400 a year for my equipment and camera insurance, thru H20 and it’s cheaper to buy a new camera. First camera; (cost was about $1200) I lost it underwater (have to read my blog to understand the details of that). Insurance would not pay anything due to it being lost while in "divers possession". I replaced the camera at my cost; same type camera and housing. Added new camera to insurance; had to pay an extra premium to add it Later, second camera flooded. Filed insurance. Learned there is a $250 deductible. So i got a check for $250 to replace the $500 camera. Basically, I spent aprox. $2500 on camera(s), $400 on insurance. Received $250 from insurance company. Just my lesson learned. I would hope not everyone had that bad of luck with them.