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My World Travel Map
froggiepatrol - 10/17/2007 7:32 AM
Category: General
Replies: 3

Hey Greg & everyone here at dive buddy. I have on my myspace page whats called a travel map. I was wondering if maybe you could create something along this lines for the site that could be titled Diving Map. On this each person could go in and Mark where all they have been diving and possible have it as an individual map as well as a complete map making up all of us at dive buddy. So if you like this ideal speak up and let greg know. Maybe he might be able to work something out. I went to to get it for my myspace page. So what does everybody think??????
Greg - 10/17/2007 8:16 PM
So you just want the ability to mark the places you dove before? Like date, location, notes, something like that?
froggiepatrol - 10/18/2007 8:55 AM
I think something like that would be a good start depending on what everyone here at dive buddy thinks. For new people coming on I think it would show the diversity the site offers with it`s members. And also as a individual you could see where all your buddies (or future buddies) have been diving.
Greg - 10/18/2007 12:13 PM
I like the idea...let me think about it some more.