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TrashFest Trip Report
Sprout - 10/17/2010 1:08 PM
Category: Event
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A big thanks to everyone who came out and participated in this year’s TrashFest! It was another great event. We had 69 teams register and 62 teams actually participate. About 430 divers and non-divers weighed in 8,717 lbs of trash and counted another 2,080 cans, cups, and bottles and 121 shoes and sunglasses.

At the BBQ, the following were awarded a coveted Super Scooper shirts:

Aggregate Weight:
  • 1 – 2,170 lbs
  • Maximum Scuba’s Gas Can Clan #7 – 1,245 lbs
  • Monkey Mayhem – 771 lbs

Cans, Cups, and Bottles
  • Bay Area Divers #2 – 1,003
  • ShoeKrewe – 421
  • Suker Fish - 251

Shoes and Sunglasses
  • ShoeKrewe - 37
  • Brazosport Underwater Club – 22
  • CHUM Jolly Rogers – 21

Most Unusual - Youth
  • Dkota Kline - Bird Ring
  • Brandon Renshaw – Goat Horn
  • Rley Bowie – Battle Ax

Most Unusual - Adult
  • Melody Poole – Wedding Band
  • Richard Spencer – Old Scale Bar
  • Vanessa Robertson – Dorothy Doll

After the awards, nearly $39,000 in door prizes were handed out. This year we found some silly ways to hand out prizes. Greg from said I should say "beer" instead of "0". At first I thought it was stupid, but I gotta admit it ended up being a lot of fun! I also handed out a few prizes to the person who could get Todd and me a refill on our beers. I think more was spilled than actually made it to us, but it was a hoot!

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better event. I’ll be scanning in the newspaper articles and uploading the few pictures that I took soon. If you have any good pics, please email them to chairman [ at ] . Or if you have a lot please email me and I’ll figure out how to get them from you!

We have about 30 shirts left. Especially XL, Youth M and Youth L. If you want to buy a shirt, let me know!

Joanne Vest
TrashFest 2010
BgDmbRngr - 10/17/2010 5:41 PM
As I am moving to San Antonio in a few months, you can count me in to help out next year.
Greg - 10/18/2010 9:24 AM
I will send this topic to everyone that participated this year at the TrashFest from DiveBuddy to try to get you some more pics.


badintexas - 10/19/2010 2:55 PM
Trashfest was awesome and so much fun as it is each year. Our team as well as other teams did an amazing job cleaning so much trash, shoes, glasses, bottles, etc out of the Comal to make it nice for others. It always feels good to know we’re helping. Another thing that was great for us is that our 2 sons Chris and Conner, who were certfied earlier this year were able to participate. They were excited to get their shirts when DiveBuddy won and they wear them often. Can’t wait for trashfest 2011. 
rashley - 10/20/2010 5:57 PM
This was my first Trashfest and rest assured it will not be my last. I revelled in the sense of accomplishment and contribution that we made to the environment and the New Braunfel economy. I can’t wait til next year and the divers invade the Comal to make a difference once again. WooHoo and Trashfest a win win symbiosis.