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Komodo Diving season is underway- First Liveaboard trip report
similandiver - 3/15/2013 1:48 AM
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Komodo Diving season is underway- First Liveaboard trip reportKomodo’s new season rocketed off to a great start with fantastic diving, great guests and the new and improved Jaya ready to take us on the journey. The first trip was busy for all, with new procedures and processes. Here’s an account of the second leg of the trip through the Komodo National Park.

Because the staff was getting some training all the instructors and dive masters were on the boat! A rare and welcome treat - we had Jo, Vinty, Valentino, Marcel, Brian, Ricky and Mickey

The first night we had the plan to make a night dive but we had some storm coming up. We decided to stay in the harbor. Great timing to play UNO, confuno and spuno.(Wicked style of UNO)

Next morning early we left for the NP. We had a bit of a bumpy ride as the tail end of monsoon season was still making itself known - but when we arrived at the NP it was all nice and flat again and happy to see the beautiful green Islands of Komodo NP.

On our first dive we saw turtles, sharks and peacock mantis shrimps. Not bad for a start the day on our first Komodo Liveaboard of the season...not bad at a lll

Next dive to Batu Bolong. Good dive with massive Turtles, sharks sleeping on the reef, turbo, current junkie nudi’s and other critters. In the afternoon we played the toothbrush game - it’s a game of murder and deception with all murders completed with a toothbrush. On the next dive loads of killing happening in the water and the final killing was done straightafter the dive by Kit. She won a beautiful prize.

After The nightdive full of crabs, shrimps and nudi’s it was time for game made by Eve. She made us a nice set of sea pictionary! Wow - Thank you Eve for that! We played with 2teams, nudi’s against dugongs. Though playing, some cheating but we ended up with the same amount of points.

Next day great dives at Tatawa Kecil and Tatawa Besar and we returned to Manta point. And yeah we all saw Manta Rays! Loads of them and that wasnt just it.

We saw some Turtles and sharks and our Newest dive guide - Marcel - even found a leafy scorpionfish while his guests were watching Mantas!

As Komodo can be difficult conditions - for the staff it was boat safety training time. We train up for different possible scenarios several times a year. So we had to get into lifejackets in the water and stay as a group together. And we had to practise some snake moves around the Boat. Hardwork but great pratice :)

In the evening we did a nightdive on Wainilu. Great place for macro. And it was well worth it! Frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, bobtail squid, pygmy pipehorse, it was just Wicked!

Next Day one more dive on Pengah to see some more nudi’s, octopus, crocodilefish, bumphead patriot fish and Turtles.

And then it was time to go to Rinca to see The Komodo dragons. It was beautiful green up there and the walk was great. We spotted some dragons and the views were just amazing!

Back on Jaya time to put the sails up and back to Labuan Bajo.

Thank you all for the great trip. Its been a Wicked trip!!!

-Komodo Diving with Wicked!