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Gulf Oil Spill
h2ofria - 6/03/2010 8:46 PM
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A year or so ago there were threads on this site regarding the need to "drill baby drill" particularly in off shore areas. I was mildly surprised to say the least, that most of the divers on supported more offshore oil drilling. Many would not listen to any rational arguement about the dangers of offshore drilling or even the need for oil from offshore sources. I wonder how they feel now?


The dive/tourist industry in Florida is already feeling the effects since, as of tonight, the oil was only seven miles off of Pensacola. Maybe the supporters of "drill baby drill" sould change their vacation plans and book vacations tin Florida to show their support for offshore drilling. I doubt they will ba able to help the environment much, it is probably been ruined for generations to come.
Greg - 6/04/2010 8:45 AM
I bet we’ll see a rise in interest of electric cars and hybrid technology. I’d love a truck that could get 50 mpg OR run entirely on battery with similar power (maybe an electric motor on each wheel?).

In any event, this disaster will have far reaching effects. It is already affecting the political power of the United States since Obama is spending much of his time dealing with this mess.
h2ofria - 6/04/2010 8:26 PM

I have been driving an electric vehicle since 2006. If they had an electric truck capable of pulling a boat I would be first in line to buy it.


I see where the oil has started to come ashore in Florida.
Dusty - 6/04/2010 9:06 PM
I would say that the Hybrd will become in play sooner.
MonkeyDiver - 6/05/2010 1:03 PM
The environmental crazies that restrict shallow drilling, Alaska drilling, nuclear options, etc., are the reason deep water drilling was pursued in the first place. Get a grip. This is certainly a problem, but historically offshore drilling has a great safety record. Oh, and don’t forget that BP got a waiver from the feds on the very things that would have prevented or at least minimized this problem 10 days before the incident. That is what happens when politicians get involved. If you have a better option for obtaining an independent energy source please let us know. I am sure this country would love to cut the cord with the Mid East. And please don’t even try to imply that wind and solar are the way we should go. That just won’t work.
h2ofria - 6/05/2010 6:09 PM

Actually safe, reliable fuel cells have been available for the past 20 years but something (somebody) doesn’t seem to want them to come to the market place at least until the oil supplies are depleted. Wind and solar are part of the answer but hydrogen based fuel cells will practically eliminate the need for oil, hydroelectric, coal and nukes. They have units now that take up less space than a hotwater heater that will provide all of the power that a normal household needs. And, they are available for motor vehicles with Zero emissions.


I worked in the oil industry at the national level and I know the tricks of the trade. Big oil is well aware of the impacts and the dangers of offshore drilling but the have put profit for their shareholders above personnel safety and environmental concerns. In fact the current head of BP stated, on camera, that he had cut the BP environmental staff to increase profits, at least he was honest about it. (I saw the video so I know he said it, this is not an internet myth.)


The Governor of Louisiana believes that we can have offshore drilling and a safe, clean environment and he is correct. Offshore drilling can be safe but until industry settles for a few billion dollars less profit each year we are just going to see more and more of this type of incident.
iditaron - 6/06/2010 11:39 PM
I respect your viewpoint, but must say what is the value of the argument when there are currently 8 other countries drilling closer to our shores in the gulf right now? Countries that have far less concern for the environment than we do. And your own statement I would buy an electric car, but they don’t make one that will tow my boat. A boat I assume that require fuel and oil, so forgive me as I mildly cringe at your subtle hypocrisy. 

"Drill Baby Drill" is as poignant and important a Mantra today as it has been since the first right thinking American realized that with all of the vast riches of resources in this country that can safely be harvested with minimal risk to the environment, its probably better to do that then continue to send our jobs and riches overseas to countries that don’t exactly have our best interest in mind and in some cases take the oil money we send them and funnel it to terror organizations.

Unfortunately it was politics that has cause this disaster. Trying to drill that deep has dangers, dangers the whole world is eminently aware of, but areas like the 1002 area in the Arctic, which was purposely set aside, in law (ANILCA), for Oil and Gas production, would be minimal footprint, shallow wells, where conservative estimates show at least 16-billion barrels of oil and more than 18-trillion cubic feet of gas ready for extraction and is exponentially safer to harness than deep water drilling in the Gulf. 

Despite the science indicating for decades that there are far safer areas to drill the politicians continue to capitulate to the special interests, and judges act as activists form the bench and continue to block responsible development, leaving us with a shrinking and more belabored domestic energy infrastructure. 

So until you are willing to give up your boat and truck that tows it (well you and a couple hundred million other Americans that would " more green except...") and until you are willing to stop using anything made with plastic I think it might be a good idea that you direct your outrage at the politicians who inspected this rig just two weeks before and it a safety award. Direct your outrage at fringe environmental groups that block responsible development and production. And buckle in because a lot more of this is coming with China, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Vietnam and the rest of the countries that are currently drilling in the Gulf, closer to our shore line than the Deep Water Horizon was, that do not have a fraction of the regulation, safety protocols, or concern for the environment as this country does, because they too will blow, its not a matter of if, but when. 

We can’t just will and wish or "HOPE" for alternative fuels, nor can we shut down the country and wait for them to arrive under the Christmas tree, we must keep America running and that takes oil and gas right now. 

Oh by the way every year for decades now BP has out spent the US government several, several times over in the area of alternative energy research and development. 

Again I respect your view and understand your sentiment, but the world is drilling baby and despite this horrible tragedy our record is far better than anyone else when it comes to safe energy production. I am an avid diver, I was an Alaskan commercial fisherman and have seen the devastation the Exxon Valdez had on several of my friends, so I am not shilling for anyone, but reason must supplant emotions here, because as bad as this is, without us leading the way it will become so much worse. 

Thanks for reading.
h2ofria - 6/07/2010 1:14 AM

Actually I have pretty much given up my boat that requires a gas powered motor. I haven’t started the engine in over a year. I now use human powered boats exclusively.


And in spite of your well voiced arguements. there are safe, reliable alternatives to oil. When do you say enough is enough, when the oceans are barren, and the lands can’t sustain viable life. Will that do it for you. We all have a price. What price is to much for you personnaly.


I assume that you are booking your next dive trip to the areas affected by the spill. If you really believe in your position you should be diving there right now.
Indiana - 6/07/2010 6:11 PM
I think most people are missing the point.BP Transocean and Haliburton are 100 % at fault..........They took the risk to drill 1 mile down and made huge profits.They rolled the dice and it blew up.Now the tax payers will pick up the bulk of the bill.Now the Gulf is a mess and the ceo of BP wants his life back.You can blame the goverment but they did not blow up the oil rig and dump milloins of gallons of oil in the Gulf.BP TRANSOCEAN and HALIBURTON did and they are also responsible for the 11 deaths.Stop blaming everbody else for the greed of these companies.They knew there were problems with the rig and well head .They didnt care andthat is why we hve a mess in the Gulf
Greg - 6/08/2010 8:38 AM

From h2ofria: I now use human powered boats exclusively.

Do you mean canoes or sail boats? What are you talking about, cause I want one. People usually go boating when the sun is out...why not deck out the boat with enough solar panels to power the motor? Solar energy is becoming more advanced, boats should start moving in that direction. Combo solar/sail boat would be awesome! No gas required.
SCUBASMITTY - 6/08/2010 2:00 PM
lynn and larry pardey have been using a scuttling oar to get in and out of harbors for YEARS , they have a 31 ft sloop(wood hull) and NO ENGINE.

I will be taking out the diesel monger from my boat and installing an electric motor

from duffy elec boats in its place and rolls batteries (you can change each cell instead of the entire battery)siemans solar cells are the best that I have found so far.

your lifestyle dictates your need for oil,AS FOR ME solar and wind work just fine!
h2ofria - 6/14/2010 4:17 AM
I have a kayak, float tube and pontoon boat all powered by oars or feet.

There is a TV show called Planet Mechanics where they built two solar powered boats for use in Venice Italy. One of them was a speed boat that did what they wanted it to do.

Proving that there are alternatives to oil.
Div4fun - 6/14/2010 6:53 PM
While I also think the oil spill is a devastating tragedy to the people and environment of the Gulf, I really have a hard time believing that ANY oil company would purposefully create this kind of incident. As a veteran police officer of 20 yrs, I quit believing in coincidence a long time ago. The president approves drilling in the Atlantic and all of a sudden a rig blows up in the Gulf. With all the environmental nuts out there (not people with a real, healthy concern for the planet) why is no one looking at the possibility of a non accidental tragedy.
That all being said, I agree that fuel cells, corn, etc. should be more integrated into our fuel consumption. However, for those that believe that BP is the epitome of evil because of the economic disaster caused in the Gulf, I ask you this. If all fossil fuels are abandoned for fuel cells (as has been suggested), are you going to feed the families of the millions of drillers, rig workers, coal miners, etc. that will be without a job or will you just find someone else to blame.
Oh and by the way, since I did not notice anyone else mentioning it during the outrage for the marine life and fishing industry, HUMANS died when the rig exploded. To their families... I am sorry for your loss and apologize for my fellow humans and their apparent disregard for your suffering.