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Crystal Rvier/ Daytona Beach Diving?
John_giu - 12/12/2009 3:35 PM
Category: General
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Hi All,

We are going to the Crystal River Area of Florida late Junuary early February 2010. This is NOT a dive trip, but what the heck we are going there any way.

I have learned that the diving in the Crytal River Area is river and cavern and diving with the Manatee. It seems the Gulf waters are too shollow for any quality salt diving.

Since we will be returning to Philadelphia via car we are trying to find some worth while diving some where between Crystal River and Philadelphia.

As for right now NO the Delaware River isn’t on our list. :)

So to cut to the chase has anyone dived Crytal River or off shore out of Daytona Beach? Any suggestions on dive sites, operators, water temps. your personal experience?


Countess4sight - 12/18/2009 10:46 AM

I LOVED Rainbow River, which is in the same area. Much better vis and the dive is a nice easy drift. Didn’t see any manatees there, though I’ve heard people say it happens.

If you want manatees, you want 3 Sisters Spring in Crystal River. We snorkeled and dove there, and there were more manatees than divers (and there were A LOT of divers!) It was very challenging to not touch them, as they are super friendly creatures and love to look at us!

John_giu - 1/02/2010 4:47 PM

Hi Countess,

Thanks for the info! Are the springs part of the park system? And did you free lance or is the a dive operation I should contact? Also if we go in Feburay/March will we be needing cold water gear like 7 mil. with gloves and hoods?

It seems I get mixed info from the local dive operation.