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gotta be the coolest job ever
urbaneve - 8/03/2007 2:27 AM
Category: General
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okay, i work in a casino as a table games dealer and i thought it was on the top ten list of cool jobs right?well, i am dealing to this lady who lives in panama city FL and i saw a dive tag on her key chain, so we started talking and i had mentioned that i would love to go into search and rescue -- get this..............her JOB is an underwater crime scene investigator. how cool is that? she told me that they do all kinds of things ranging from checking out boats that come into port (for explosives), underwater deaths and car wreaks, boat wreaks and such that happen and even recover items from the space shuttle that fall off during re-entry into the atmosphere. i was so impressed with the idea of doing that i actually called the college to inquire about classes already.
Greg - 8/03/2007 9:51 AM
Yeah, that does sound cool...I`ve thought about doing the same thing. A lot of that is volunteer work...but I`m sure if you land a job with the FBI or something, you`ll get paid.
DiveGirl55 - 8/05/2007 2:42 PM
Yeah, I study Forensics online, and when I learned about diver CSI`s , I thought: Yay, I could combine BOTH of my LOVES! We can be partners!! lol
JollyRoger - 8/06/2007 6:29 PM
Yeah it sounds like it would be cool, but dont forget that there is a down side too. A lot of it would be fun, but for example pulling someones child from its baby seat after an hour or two of being submerged in the minivan might take the warm fuzzies out of the job. Its something that has to be done, but it scores WAY NEGATIVE on the fun day at work scale. Divers dont save drowning people in this job - when their looking, its for a body maybe one thats been on the bottom for over a week. Sorry for the grusomeness of the post but wanted to bring up the bad side of the job. I`m considering doing it also once I get a little more dive experience and would do it on a volunteer basis for local fire dept as a way to give back to the community, but I have thought a lot about the negative side of the job because they all arent pleasure dives.
urbaneve - 8/08/2007 2:48 AM
yeah i realize that but you can also give closure to the one who has been searching for thier missing loved one too. i realize that it is not all glam, i was a lifeguard for years and had to deal with the families of drowned victims. but for the most part the science part is what is so interesting to me. the details and forensics of it would be cool. not pulling a child strapped to a car seat. but i do realize that that is part of the job.