Luca_Crudeli - 6/13/2013 10:32 AM
Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your email. I have never been diving in Mass. I will consider the option, and will let you know if I decide to be in the area at some point. Do you have some dive sites to recommend? Unfortunately I will be in Nepal for two weeks starting this Sunday.

Re photography: that would be great! And it would be a good occasion to dive together for the first time. I am doing this through Silver Diver in Sterling VA http://silverdivers.com . We can certainly do the e-learning thing. Check out my pictures on http://www.crudeli.it/index.php?album=underwater .

I am not doing a very structured course. I really want to linger on a few topics, since I am really passionate about photography. So I will go beyond the PADI manual. In any case, at the end of this you would become a PADI Digital Underwater Photographer.

Let me know what you arrange with Silver Scuba if anything.