Greg - 2/10/2012 10:26 AM
I’d say an external strobe will greatly improve the quality of your photos...

Excerpt from article on DiveBuddy:

An external strobe is a way for photographers to add more light to bring out colors and detail that would otherwise be lost and creatively light their subjects, to emphasize, or de-emphasize subject matter. Also by angling the light away from the subject directly, you can you can reduce backscatter; particles in the water that reflect light directly into the camera lens.

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Whether you want to spend more money on a separate camera designed for scuba diving is up to you and your wallet. Will the camera and housing your currently have support an external strobe? If so, try just buying the strobe first (maybe one that will also work with the sealife 1400 in case you end up buying the whole thing later on).