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Lake Michigan
verticallead - 1/05/2009 10:17 AM
Category: Travel
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So I just got back from a visit with my best friend who lives in Michigan. While out there I noticed lakes all over the place (Frozen over right now). However, I was wondering with all this water there has to be some good dive sites out there. I have seen on the internet that Lake Michigan has some good wrecks to dive.

Anybody know of some good areas to go?

What is the average VIS?

My Friend lives in Grand Rapids area (figure that as base camp).

Plang - 1/05/2009 12:46 PM
I grew up in Michigan and someday wish to dive the lakes also, but for now I prefer Florida’s warm water. I did find this web site with wreck diving information.

Good luck.

Greg - 1/05/2009 2:20 PM
Here are the dive site listings for Michigan on, these dive sites have been added by members of DiveBuddy:

You will find more if you search for IL or WI also in our dive site section. Thanks and have fun diving! Always dive with a buddy (preferably one that is on :)
dwightfrie - 1/05/2009 6:15 PM
you seem to have forgotton the state of Indiana! lol
dwightfrie - 1/05/2009 6:27 PM


There are great dives all over Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes. I have been on several dives in the Northwest Indiana, Southeast Illinois area. Chuck Linder, who owns my local shop has 40 years of local diving experiance(he started when he was 10), and can give you information on the best wrecks on most of the Great Lakes. There is a great 2 book series out as well, " 100 best great lake wreck dives" that goes over the history of several Lake Michigan wrecks. If your interested in diving our area for such wrecks as The Tacoma, The Material Service, The Mackinac, contact me here or Chuck at the Scuba Tank and we’ll get you set up.BTW I have been in Viz over 60’ on Lake Michigan. Also on my buddy list is Milwreckdiver who lives in Wisconsin and would probably be more than willing to give you information about the great wrecks in his area.

Joe aka dwightfrie
DiveBuddyChgo - 2/05/2009 3:30 PM
Milw. Wisc. has the best wrecks in thier area... The prime season for diving is mid. June to mid. Aug... The best vis is when the water is coldest... So for weather, vis and lake conditions on top... My choice would be late June for a good garantee for a decent dive... Expect vis to be 50 - 100 ft at 80 ft or deeper... Water temp below is usually 40-45 degrees.. My favs are Milw. Car Ferry,,, Prins Willem.. Both as you know have u tube videos posted...
Have Fun !
CaptainCaveman - 3/17/2009 7:44 AM
Hey, I live in Michigan (Grand Rapids in fact). There is some awesome diving in the Great Lakes. I really enjoy the Traverse City area. Check out for information on the preserve in that area. The Straights of Mackinaw also have some really good wreck dives. I have never been over there, but I am planning on diving the Alpena area this year.