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CA Conception Dive Boat Disaster
Greg - 9/02/2019 6:13 PM
Category: General
Replies: 4

My heart goes out to anyone affected by the dive boat explosion this morning near Santa Cruz Island California. I hope you find peace during this difficult time.

Thank you to the crew of the Grape Escape for assisting in the rescue efforts!
CatalinaDiver - 18 days 21 hours ago.
It is truly a sad day in the dive community. I have been on the Conception several times. My heart is broken.
NickBee - 18 days 10 hours ago.
I was just on the Conception six weeks ago. Honestly, Truth Aquatics are a great bunch of people and a great crew, and nothing like this has ever happened before with them. I am shocked.

I am waiting for what Truth Aquatics and the Coast Guard determine.
Dive265 - 18 days 5 hours ago.
Just read about a father, his three daughters, and their stepmother who were aboard. Tragically there are 29 more stories. Truly a sad day.
Smithsgold - 17 days 11 hours ago.
I’m at a loss for words