I am doing reaserch on WHAT DIVERS NEED WHEN DIVING
DiveGirl55 - 4/24/2008 7:16 PM
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I am creating a product for divers and need to know:

HOW DO YOU FEEL BEFORE and AFTER DIVING? What do you need? Energy? Calming? HOW would you like to feel BEFORE and AFTER diving?

What would HELP your dive physically and mentally?

Please answer in here, or email me your answers. I appreciate you help in this!
DalelynnSims - 4/26/2008 6:25 AM
To get quantifiable answers consider posting a survey with specific questions and ranked answers. The questions posed are too vague.
Best Fishes!!
debay(Dee-Bay) - 4/26/2008 7:32 PM
So you want to invent or produce an item that a diver may or may not need.? How about an affordable but effectie boat diving safety kit. It would comprise of a watertight tube or container capable of staying dry at or slightly beyond recreational limits. it would contain a whistle, signal mirror, compact flares, marker dye, surface marker (long bright plastic strip that increases visibilty for search planes), and a strobe light. you could make it with a little extra room for someone who wants to customize it a little. The kit should be designed to be portable and compatible with standard jacket and back inflate BC’s (maybe two or three methods of attachment). Very few recreational divers ever think twice about what they need when they jump in offshore. Especially with private boats. I have spoken with a diver who lost his boat due to a drifting anchor syndrome. the guys in the baot didnt know they were drifting. the baot was over 2 miles away when they finally made the ascent. having signalling equipment would have made a difference in how long they were adrift. anyway, thats my advice.
scubacub1 - 4/28/2008 11:16 AM
Money for more diving
AirOn - 4/30/2008 5:16 PM
Before a dive I feel excitment, anticipation, in general just looking forward to the dive... Thats about how I want to feel. I’m getting out and doing something I love for pleasure and enjoyment.

After a dive, I feel relaxed, calmed, happy... Thats also how I want to feel. I just had a lot of fun and enjoyment. Often I’m already thinking about the next dive and anticipating it.

Sometimes I’m a little hungry and thirsty but I do my best to keep hydrated before and between dives. If it was an salt water dive I might be looking for some citrus fruit to bite into.

Not sure how to make pre/post dives any better... unless you added mermaid’s and pole dancers on the boat for surface interval entertainment..lol

Hey wait a second!!!! I might have something there! Get rid of the male crew and have an all female crew on the all day boat out of San Carlos... I need to talk to the guys at the dive shop... :-)

Come on I’m kidding... lol
floridajetridersDOTcom - 4/30/2008 9:35 PM
I think the best thing I have purchased recently that makes at least the end of each dive more comfortable is a dive boat coat! It would be cool to have a dive boat blanket to cover my legs made of neoprene.

I good fleece lined one in neoprene with a hood is good, ecspecially for you year round divers.

I would reccomend a few other little things, like a small bag for the collections I find underwater, sharks teeth and the like. It would be cool if someone invented little velcro pouches that you could fill with sand on days that you were short of weight.. or something else compact, cheap and portable.

I would love something to help my ears out.. after a dive sometimes I just can not clear my ears and end up with horrible ear infections and it gets expesive.. after a 4 tank dive I can pretty much count on a docs bill and antibiotics.. something that worked to prevent this better than the cheap drops on the market or the ear covered mask (does not work for me) and other options I have tried.. we need something new here!

I would reccomend something for shelpping gear on sand.. I found wheels for the botom of a tank and that is nice for long docks.. It would be nice to be able to leave it on the bottom and just fold them under or have them in a way it would not be in the way for the actual dive.

a better way than velcro to tie on your mask and snorkle when your getting ready would be nice.. something like a rubber band that could be pulled off and on like the octo holders around today.

I love my springs on my fins.. but I am short legged and even with those it is hard to get my fins on without enough room to get my leg up half way.

Ok.. I could go on and on here.. I have a little engineer in my head..

Was this what you were going for?

Email me or call me for more.. evenings are better if your calling (like after 6pm) my # 321-299-5796 and my email is tinaoconnell [ at ] cfl.rr.com
Hels - 5/17/2008 11:25 PM
spray on wet suit.