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Reg set
Jake93 - 9/08/2013 3:36 PM
Category: New Diver Q&A
Replies: 7

Kind of a newbie question, but is it ok to mix brands in your reg set? For example if you have a Scubapro primary is it ok to have a Mares octopus? Any cons to this kind of setup?
Brian_V - 9/08/2013 5:42 PM
...shouldn’t be a problem to mix those.
btw2459 - 9/08/2013 6:22 PM
Shouldn’t be a problem. I’m using a Dive Rite 1st stage and a Aqualung 2nd stage for my pony bottle.
John_giu - 9/10/2013 3:58 PM
I’m the hold out. I like things that match. It insures where one piece is serviced both would be service.

And it looks cool, that’s an Italian thing, it doesn’t matter how well you do something as long as you look

good doing it. :-)

Of serious concern I would makes sure that they are at least gas compatible. If the regulator 1st and 2nd stage are nitrox compatible, so too should the octopus.

BTW "IP" as stated by Latitude is "intermediate pressure" the pressure set point on the goes out of the 1st stage on the way to the second stage/octopus.
DiveBuddyChgo - 9/23/2013 3:14 PM
ScubaPro 1st stage to a Mares Octo.. Not a problem.
tshark - 9/25/2013 9:12 AM
Make sure they are serviced Your local dive shop will alert you if they do not work together.
MDW - 1/24/2015 8:56 PM
Yes, with few exceptions any second stage should work with any first stage. You may need to adjust the intermediate pressure of the first stage slightly depending on what second stage you use, but that’s the same whether both pieces are from one manufacturer or mix and match.