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Carry-on or checked baggage
mwilli1453 - 6/16/2013 6:13 PM
Category: New Diver Q&A
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Traveling to Oahu in July and just wondering about traveling with my gear can I carry-on my regs. and gauges. And maybe any suggestions on traveling with your gear.
oceanfloor - 6/16/2013 6:27 PM
I always take a carry on bag with my computer, mask, regs and dive log. The rest gets packed in a checkin bag.
daz88 - 6/16/2013 7:15 PM
same here. always carry regs, computer and related. Even carried on my dive knife in my reg bag last year. :) Glad TSA was on the ball as usual and didn’t see it.
LatitudeAdjustment - 6/17/2013 9:33 AM
Carry on everything you’ll need for the 1st day of diving in case your checked bag goes elsewhere :(

Also, airline baggage insurance doesn’t nearly cover the price of lost dive gear and at some remote dive sites no back-up gear is available.
Green_Achers - 6/17/2013 11:44 AM
Because of everyone’s advise, we carried our our regulators, computers and soft weights on our extended dive vacation. TSA was happy I send the weights through in their own small bag and had no concerns after their initial attention.

I have also carried on my GPSr for years without issue. Some airlines won’t let you turn it on during the flight but no one cares if you have it. Check ahead with your airline company’s policy, print it out and use your GPSr if they allow. You’ll enjoy watching your flight progress and learn about the areas as you fly over them.
John_giu - 6/18/2013 7:41 AM
The answer to this one is well stated above.

I fit everything in a 16" somsonite X-Space roll-on.

Don’t try it with a duffel bag without wheels, I tried it, the bag get heavy fast.

Most airport security knows scuba and usually it gets by with a cursory glance.

Just remember to remove knives (duh) and shares from you BC. And stow batteries

in checked bags. I don’t know what the battery thing is about, just something I read,

so I remove them from my dive lite.
Greg - 6/19/2013 7:41 AM
Past similar forum topic that may help:
mwilli1453 - 6/19/2013 5:05 PM
Thanks everyone for the sound advice I have a better idea now and with alittle research.
joeyro16 - 6/20/2013 1:59 PM
I was looking at buying the Zuma system by aqua lung, but didn’t want to spring for a whole new set of gear. This bag looks interesting, says its carry on, but looks larger than that...
John_giu - 6/21/2013 4:44 PM
I don;t see wheels on that. Like I said, that gear get heavy fast going through the airport.
LatitudeAdjustment - 6/22/2013 3:18 PM
"I don;t see wheels on that. Like I said, that gear get heavy fast going through the airport. "

No wheels, it’s a backpack. I saw it demo’d at BTS and it’s interesting but wouldn’t work with my BP&W plus most of the gear they were using was travel size.

I have a dive buddy that packs all of her gear including a 3 mil full wetsuit and clothing for a week in a backpack and bungies her fins to the outside with her exersize bands. Of course there isn’t much to her bathing suit and her clothing is a lot more silky than mine! No checked bag!
tshark - 9/06/2013 4:36 AM
alot of airlines let sporting equipment fly for free a friend just flew down & packed his scuba gear in a hard golf bag case & it was FREE!!!!!
John_giu - 9/06/2013 4:50 AM
Good tip on the Golf bag. We went to Mexico and my son fly his golf clubs for a nominal fee and a tip to the porter, it was cheaper then renting the clubs at the resort. With one free carry-on I would still rather have my scuba gear in my possession.
MDW - 11/12/2014 7:05 PM
Put it all in a carry-on to ensure you don’t lose anything in transit. Leave the knife at home.
Smithsgold - 6/21/2016 6:26 PM
Mask and Computer in carry on the rest get checked