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Cannon A620 housing
blairsp - 8/06/2010 4:08 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 10

I’ve been using disposable cameras but I’d like to start using my now old Cannon A620 instead. Can anyone recommend a watertight, compact and affordable enclosure? I’m not a serious underwater photographer yet so I don’t need anything too elaborate.

UWnewbee - 8/06/2010 4:17 PM
Check Leisure pro .
Taino67u - 8/07/2010 12:12 AM

check this one out and see if it will fit your needs

it cost $29.99 

but in my search for one for my self I found this site full of info on the perils of using a after market water proof case for land comeras so check it out and buyer be ware good luck
OLDSCHOOL - 8/07/2010 3:47 PM
I too have been looking for a housing for the A620. Canon made one specifically for that camera but it seems they are next to impossible to find, new at least. There may be some used ones out there but I would be hesitant putting my camera in one and diving with it. The A620has a pretty good rep as far as u/w photography. If you find a source for new Canon housings, let me know. 
UWnewbee - 8/07/2010 9:15 PM
Ikelite has discontinued housings for canon a620 cameras, maybe you can find one online used you can also try they have used and new U/W cameras and such, maybe they could have your answer, hope this helps.
ScottUgly - 8/09/2010 12:04 AM
I found a used one for mine a few years ago. It was hard to locate a new one that wasn’t selling for twice the MSRP. The housing from Canon for the A620 is the WP-DC90. I had heard they were planning to rerun this housing if they got enough response for them. But not sure if they ever did it. Good luck on your search.

Here’s a used one on Amazon.
uwlover4u - 8/09/2010 9:07 AM
I have an A620 and I have the housing. Takes great pics and video too. The housing is still readily available for less then $200.00 Google Canon wp-dc90 and you’ll gets lots of hits.
Flukeman1 - 8/09/2010 4:20 PM
Canon makes their own cases to fit their cameras, and reasonably priced. Have you checked their line?
OLDSCHOOL - 8/09/2010 5:11 PM
Unfortunately Canon has discontinued it.
blairsp - 8/09/2010 9:14 PM

Will do.
daz88 - 8/13/2010 8:53 PM
there are 4 or 5 on ebay. But you might find them cheaper elsewhere. just google it.