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Strobes & Lights - Ikelite Housing
Elvis48 - 11/12/2012 7:39 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 2

I was looking for advice from any photographers out there. A little over
a year ago, I purchased an Ikelite housing for my Nikon D5100 SLR and
have been enjoying it ever since. However, I’m now looking to get a
strobe for it. I have an Intova slave strobe for my old olympus point
& shoot camera, but was looking at getting an Ikelite strobe and
possibly a movie light (maybe a combo of both). My first thought is the
DS-161 strobe/movie light, but 500 lumens on the movie light worries me a
bit. Does anybody have one & like it’s performance as a movie
light? I also have a UK led flash light which I was thinking of using,
with a diffuser. Has anybody tried this, or something similar with
success? If that’s the case, I’ll likely just buy either the DS-160 or
DS-51 strobe & use my Flashlight light for movies.

I was (similarly) wondering if any body has had success using just a constant
light/flashlight for photography vs. a strobe. Other than the TTL
adjustability of the strobe, is there really any significant difference
between using a strobe or just a light? Any productive input/feedback
would be appreciated. Thanks.
Rich-D-Fish - 11/13/2012 8:13 PM
I personally found that the majority of my stills were macro, and for wide angle I was either too far away for any strobe or chose to use video most of the time. For stills I really like the TTL functionability. And for the most part one is enough, unless you are hard core. I keep one strobe and put my dive light on the other arm as a combo dive and video light. The key for this one is the amount of lumens and how wide the beam projects. I have a 1300 lumen Big Blue light at 100 degree angle, and I often wish it was brighter for during the day, and 100 degrees still isn’t wide enough for my go pro shots. Maybe look in to the Sola lights. I think they have a 1500 lumen one. There are some great video lights out there, but the cost goes up dramatically with the two criteria I mentioned. I recently wend from an Ike DSLR rig with two strobes and a dive light on top of it all. It was just too much. So I downsized to a more manageble Canon S95 with one small strobe and one dive light. For video I’ve mostly just shot natural light and lived with it. I can spot small items with my dive light to show true color if I want. Hope this helps.