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The wreck of Georges Valentine is situated approximately l00 yards south of the south wall of Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge and 100 yards directly offshore in Stuart, Florida. Coordinates for the wreckage closest to the beach (including the boiler, a 57′ section of deck with 8′ of broken mast, and a 12′ by 12′ section of tile floor), are 27° 11.93 ‘ N and 80° 09.88′ W. A 65′ section of iron hull, 16′ in height, is approximately 80 yards due east of the boiler section at 21° 11.93′ N and 80° 09.83′ W. Also in this area are two broken sections of steel mast, one 10′ in length and the other, on the north side of the hull, 19′ in length.

Extending from the east edge of the hull is a 100′ section of the keel and frames. Directly south of the hull is a large debris field that extends about 80′ to the south and 60′ east and west. Approximately 130′ due south of the largest hull section are hull plates about 12′ wide by 20′ in length at coordinates 27° 11.91′ N and 80° 09.83′ W. What appears to be a crane for loading cargo is located approximately 40′ south of the hull plates at coordinates 27° 11.90′ N and 80° 09.83′ W.