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Manta Reef Tofo - Mozambique

Come here for dozens of the largest mantas you’ll ever see. The smooth-gliding monsters, reaching six meters across, regularly come here to visit what is affectionately known as a "cleaning station." Smaller fish attach themselves to the mantas’ bodies to feed on parasites on their fins and wings before the rays cruise off squeaky clean. There are plenty of tropical fish to see too, including colored frogfish, deadly dragon moray eels with their distinctive read and white bodies, plus, if you’re lucky, bowmouth guitar fish and families of whale sharks.

From Tofo Scuba; Tofo’s showcase dive. World famous for the two Manta cleaning stations, first discovered by Carlos do Rocha in the 1960’s. Since then this site has attracted marine biologists, cameramen and divers from around the world.
A gentle drift dive from North to South, your dive begins with a negative entry into 26m into the middle of a small amphitheatre teeming with life. The dive progresses through a series of pinnacles before the first cleaning station is reached, a shallower (21m) sandy area. At this cleaning station Mantas circle overhead to be cleaned by Goldies, Cleaner Wrasse and Butterfly fish.
In good visibility this dive is amazing with upwards of ten Mantas circling overhead. Even in poor vis the sight of Mantas appearing from the mist above you is haunting and a moment to be cherished. At the end of the dive your ascent is often accompanied by groups of inquisitive Devil Rays wheeling about your safety stop.
This dive is a must do in Tofo. Because of the depth this is only suitable for advanced divers but is a favorite for people completing their advanced course or deep adventure dive.