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Black Bart is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Panama City, FL. This dive site has an average rating of 3.86 out of 5 from 58 scuba divers. The maximum depth is 71-80ft/22-24m.

This artificial reef is a great site for wreck training and photography. There is a lot of superstructure to explore and plenty of fish to observe.

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TigerMtn - 25 days 3 hours ago.
Rating Added: 4
TwoReef sharks off stern
Boomer32413 - 9/27/2018 3:06 PM
I went scuba diving here on 9/25/2018.
Lots of life with fair visibility!
GoPro6 video footage was okay but gotta dive again with new GoPro7
ScubaSteve1969 - 9/03/2018 8:30 PM
I went scuba diving here on 9/2/2018.
Not a lot of marine life there today. Water was warm
No wetsuit necessary. Visibility was ok (10-15 meters).
wuzaracer - 8/02/2018 6:05 PM
I went scuba diving here on 7/30/2018. Average viz: 36-40ft/11-12m. Water temp: 71-75°F/22-24°C.
1-2 foot roller waves, get below 5 feet and all was good. when I was here there was thousands of schools of fish. we spotted a shark as it swam by about 20 feet from us.
wuzaracer - 8/02/2018 5:55 PM
Rating Added: 4
great spot for all levels. maybe a bit challenging for newbees but manageable.
BillParker - 8/06/2017 7:06 PM
I went scuba diving here on 8/6/2017.
Massive wreck.
Winterpeg - 2/12/2017 2:50 PM
I went scuba diving here on 2/11/2017.
1st wreck dive..amazing experience. .won’t be the last!
Skeptic14 - 8/15/2016 9:37 PM
I went scuba diving here on 8/13/2016. Average viz: 26-30ft/8-9m. Water temp: 76-80°F/24-27°C.
Nice dive, lots of fish, a lot of big blue angelfish, big loggerhead, amberjack cutting through bait balls. Visibility from the pilot house up was very nice blue water 40-50ft, below the thermocline it was maybe 30.
mapiatko - 9/28/2015 12:05 PM
I went scuba diving here on 9/25/2015. Average viz: 21-25ft/6-8m. Water temp: 71-75°F/22-24°C.
jniery - 8/01/2015 12:13 PM
Rating Added: 3
Finally saw a fish larger than me on this dive. A goliath grouper.
HOFFEN73 - 6/27/2015 10:54 PM
I went scuba diving here on 9/7/1997. Average viz: 11-15ft/3-5m. Water temp: 76-80°F/24-27°C.
GrandmaEarth - 6/12/2015 11:17 AM
I went scuba diving here on 10/19/2014. Average viz: 31-35ft/9-11m. Water temp: 81-85°F/27-29°C.
12. 10/19/14 Black Bart – Boat dive with Panama City Diving and Dive club – 73’ 26 minutes – small fish, nice wreck – no surge, no current, some surf, small waves. 80 degrees+
13. 10/19/14 Navy Hovercraft – 74’ 25 minutes – a lot of small schools of fish and star fish –no surge, some current, some surf, small waves, salt , sand bottom – 80+ degrees – boat dive with Panama City Diving and dive club.
KFJ408 - 6/07/2015 7:44 PM
Rating Added: 3
Plain wreck, not a lot of wildlife. End of May 2014
seaturtle504 - 9/06/2014 10:39 AM
Rating Added: 3
Nice assortment of marine life.
Nitediver - 5/26/2014 8:53 PM
I went scuba diving here on 5/25/2014. Average viz: 41-50ft/12-15m. Water temp: 66-70°F/19-21°C.
Nitediver - 5/26/2014 8:47 PM
Rating Added: 4
did this dive 5/25/2014 Great dive. Goliath Grouper, Angels, Butterfly Fish, Spadefish to name a few. Thermocline was a bit overwhelming at first, but after seeing a the life on the wreck, cold? what cold?
JEG78 - 4/15/2014 9:39 AM
Rating Added: 4
Good wreck dive with tons of fish to photograph or spear
btw2459 - 3/08/2014 3:56 PM
Rating Added: 4
I’ve been here several times. A good easy dive
Vectornut - 1/13/2014 7:14 PM
I went scuba diving here on 1/12/2014. Average viz: 5-10ft/2-3m. Water temp: 50-55°F/10-13°C.
As expected for early January, the day after a nasty thunderstorm. Cold, average-poor visibility. Was my first time on the Black Bart, pretty neat..lots of fish.
ohioyscuba - 10/28/2013 9:23 AM
Rating Added: 4
Nice dive.