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Undersea Living
seawolfdiving - 8/04/2011 10:35 PM
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I just want to share this article that I found in an online publication called "Asian Times" about past, current and future undersea habitation projects. check it out


LatitudeAdjustment - 8/05/2011 7:19 AM

 That story wanders all over the depths, deep is not a place I would want to live. I like light and bright colors plus at the depths they are talking there are some scary looking fish! A home at 1ata would be just about right for me :)

 From the story, "And the underwater view of the Atlantic Ocean is so breathtaking, according the Jules Undersea Lodge management, the stay sometimes becomes a career changing one for guests. One couple decided to operate a dive shop after experiencing undersea life." While Jules Lodge is an interesting dive and the lagoon a good plan B if your dive gets blown out there is an oil boom between you and the Atlantic so I don’t know how you could have a breathtaking view.