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My new dive buddy
NotAfraid - 8/31/2007 6:24 PM
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Category: Personal
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My new dive buddyWed night. Wow i could go on about this one for ever it was so much fun. Let me get the specifics out of the way. If you haven`t been in for a week or more the water got COLD. 73 degrees last Sat, and then 55 degrees on Wed Brrrr! 50 minutes at 44 feet at Shaw`s Cove. Dive buddy was Larry. Now for the cool stuff. On the way in there were 3 of us and Allisyn got real up close and personal with the sand. I love the beach too, but geez Allisyn, actually kissing the sand like that was a bit much. We`d gone in and were maybe 25 feet off shore when she rode this really big wave back in to give the sand a goodbye kiss. It was quite an emotional moment. Then the three of us went back out. As we descended Allisyn was lagging behind. After 3 attenmpts she informed us her regulator was not working properly. Something about sucking as much water as air. Whatever I think she just missed the sand. So we swam her back in and Larry and I went out without her. Too bad she missed this one. We had a beautiful sea lion who wanted to play with us. Constantly swimming under, over and around us. My pictures suck, but you can see her. It was really cool she stayed with us for at least 20 minutes. At one point I was so foucsed on getting a picture of her as she hunted for something to eat on the reef, the surge actually pushed me right into her. She was very understanding as I placed my hand on her flank and pushed off of her. It was that or have the entire length of my body pushed into hers. I didn`t want to impose that much on her good nature. Afterall we were in her home. It wasn`t until we came back in that I began to feel the cold and even then it wasn`t too bad. Donm`t let falling water temps keep you out, with a good 7mm wetsuit you`re OK. If you dive in a 3mm.......I think I`d stay this side of the surface, or get a thicker wetsuit.


PadiCakes - 9/14/2007 11:04 AM
And "sucking sand" is bad.. why? My reg is fine now- it was full of sand from being "maytagged". Had sand for days in places I will not mention-LOL. Nice report!