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Amistad Lake, Scuba Cove- 2/15/10
Diver_Down - 2/16/2010 10:31 AM
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2/15/10 @ 3:00 PM
Amistad Lake, Scuba Cove
Weather: sunny 55 (f), northern wind
Water Temp: 50-52 (f), mostly 50
Viz: 10’, constant through max depth
Depth: 88’
BT: 48 minutes

Dive #50!!!

Met with Robert from Del Rio Dive Club for an afternoon dive at Scuba Cove (near Diablo East ramp). Water level is still high and about three feet from bottom of walk way. Water was cold, as expected, and 52 (f) at surface. We began the dive by swimming down to the "treasure chest" so Robert could replace the marker buoy which had sunk. See video.

After replacing the buoy we swam over to the boat sitting at 60’ and found a small catfish nestled under the boat. We then spent the rest of the dive touring the area and went as deep as 88’. We didn’t stay at 88’ long, because the water felt like 32 (f) with the neoprene compressed. It had me thinking "I could get a dry suit if I get a second mortgage on the house, max out a credit card, put my right arm on ebay..." We finished the dive with a shallow tour while hanging out for the safety stop.

Viz was about 10’ throughout the dive, same as its been each time I’ve visited this year. A lot of sediment was in the water, partially due to the wind stirring up the banks. For an idea of viz see the video linked above.

Overall great dive and I’m looking forward to doing it again, hopefully just a little bit warmer next time.

Stay safe, stay wet.