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Customer Service Review
dalehall - 8/02/2009 11:09 AM
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Customer Service is HUGE with me. I work in a field where I have to provide a service to my users. (Users are customers that don’t pay you for your service) I try and give the best service I can to my people, and, in turn, I expect to get good customer service when I deal with a business.
When I get great customer service, I am quick to tell people about it. When I get crappy or non-existant service, I don’t yell it from the roof tops, but if anyone ever asks me about the business, I’ll tell them my exprerience and let them make thier own mind. Just ask me about my LDS.. LOL!!
Well, this is one of those awesome customer servcie write ups. We have a trip coming up to Alabama Blue Water on the 9th of August. I wanted to do some more drysuit diving to get the hang of it, so I borrowed a buddy/s drysuit from him. As we were inspecting it, we noticed the neck seal had some dry rot in it and there was no way this suit was going to be a drysuit if you went diving in it. I aksed around about the best way to fix it and 2/3 of the people I asked (including a dive shop in Columbus, GA) to me to send it to Steve Gamble of Gamble Scuba in Gainesville, FL. After hearing the same name a few times, I finally looked him up on the web ( and called him. After discussing what we wanted, he told me what he would do and gave me an estimate of the cost. He also said he would get to as soon as he could since we had the trip coming in just over two weeks. I put the drysuit in the mail on Saturday with a letter on what we wanted done and who to call for billing information and the shipping address. Tuesday, my buddy got the call from Steve saying the suit was ready and how much it was (exactly what he quoted). Friday, the repaired suit was at my house. 6 days after I sent it to him and 9 days before our trip.
If you have a drysuit you need to be repaired or are in the market for drysuit stuff and either don’t have a local person to do it or, like me, don’t want to deal with the local person, please give Gamble Scuba a call. The customer service is awesome!!!


dalehall - 8/07/2009 2:05 PM
He uses his dry suit so rarely, the spare seals would probably dry rot before he had a chance to use them. :) That’s why he’s letting me use it now, just so it will get more dives on it.
LatitudeAdjustment - 8/02/2009 3:50 PM
Dale, nice to hear you got great service but just out of curiosity why doesn’t your buddy keep spare wrist and neck seals? They are not that hard to change and we did one in my equipment class. We had a woman blow a neck seal on a liveaboard trip, we glued in a new one and hung the suit in the engine room to dry and it was ready to go in 24 hours. IF someone had packed accelerator it would have been ready sooner.