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Day 9 CDTC
KevinD - 7/22/2009 6:48 PM
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Category: Educational
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Today was open water. We went back to the same beach we used for the AWARE dive, only we stayed shallower. After the bus went down a one way street the wrong way and almost not make a turn we arrived. We broke into our groups and briefed our skills. Then our evaluator did a decent workshop. Good information. We suited up, swam to our buoy and did a decent workshop. Returned to the surface and I did myt skill. Rescue Diver exercise 2apnik diver. I did good, except, I did not talk to my dive master enough. Really it was only 2 time and that is not standard. I got wrapped up in the skill. I became VERY nerves when only one student made a mistake. I kept thinking, what did I miss?I must say that doing skills in CLEAR warm water is so much better then Dutch or Millbrook. I would live to teach in these conditions. Even the surge was negligible.
After we all did our skills we returned to the surface and did our rescue evaluation. After lunch, we did skill 2. I had free decent without reference. I left out the value, as soon as I said “Any questions”, I knew I had not said it. I should have backed peddled and said it. All went well and we debriefed at the end. Returned to the hotel around 5. It was a long day but I got a lot out of it.