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Dive Book Help
tazzer9797 - 11/23/2007 3:33 PM
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Dive Book HelpI am the type of person that can read the tech books, the manuals and all the magazines about diving I can get my hands on. Even in school I wasnt much on the reading stuff. A friend suggested I read a book called "THE LAST DIVE". You know what, I am hooked on these type of dive books. They tell you a *TRUE* story first and formost. They also teach you about the tech part of diving. Most importantly to me they teach you the mind set part of diving. They make for fasinating reading. I have since finished the book , along with "SHADOW DIVERS"and am now waiting for 3 other titlles to arive that I have ordered.(Deep Descent,Dark Descent and Diver down). Althought these books tell of the dark side of diving to me they also teach you what NOT to do as a diver and that is an important lesson for both yourself and your dive buddy. If anyone can recommend another tittle or two please feel free to drop me a line. After all as divers we should never stop learning and becoming better divers and dive biddies..Thanks in advance for your input...SEE YA ON THE BOTTOM